Homeward Bound

Our intrepid explorers were finally able to board their flight out of Constable Point on a twin Otto bound for Iceland. The airport was closed on Monday and Tuesday due to the inclement weather so they were quite relieved to be given some respite to be able to depart this evening.


They were the only passengers, just the way Callum likes it!

I am sure they were filled with mixed feelings as they banked over Constable Point ….

Constable Point Airport

The following message was received from them as the flight climbed to cruising altitude: “passed over massive Scoresbysund heading west. Vast heights of Watkins Mountains diminishing behind us as we head out over the Greenland Sea.”

When the pain and fatigue subside they will reminisce over what can only be described as a brutal and unforgiving journey. Jo will produce some award-winning photographs and Rod will regale us of tales of his lectures to the gathered polar bears!

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One Response to Homeward Bound

  1. Don says:

    May God grant them safe passage home, back to their buddies who have missed them more than we humans know.

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