Mother Nature Can Be A Cruel Mistress

Just when our explorers had settled down into their routine of base camp and daily expeditions, Mother Nature decided she had other plans! Rod received a phone call from Tangent Expeditions to advise that a massive snow storm was on the way, which necessitated them being evacuated immediately. They were advised in no uncertain terms that the snowmobiles would not be able to reach them if they waited any longer.

Rod would not have been pleased!

Wildman Rod

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is a cruel mistress! There could be no argument about the matter and so they set about packing up and waiting for collection. The snowmobiles arrived on Sunday evening and they set off on what they described as the most miserable bitterly cold three hour ride back to Constable Point.

It proved to be a wise decision as the weather arrived when they were putting up their tent at Constable Point (no Hilton for our hard-as-nails explorer couple!) they experienced a whiteout (this occurs when the snowfall is so dense that you can hardly see six inches in front of you!)

Weather permitting, they are scheduled to depart today by way of a charter flight on a Twin Otter to Iceland. We await word today as the airport was closed yesterday (Monday) due to high winds and the inclement weather. As Callum said: “The victor holds our happiness in its hands

They are blissfully unaware of the drama going on back home in South Africa but we will be happy to welcome them back home with the expectation of great tales and photographs that could be enjoyed over a glass or two of some fine wine!

In the meantime, the polar bears got quite emotional at the thought of their departure …


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3 Responses to Mother Nature Can Be A Cruel Mistress

  1. Cobus says:

    Must say the Judge does not look to happy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don says:

    Did those two polar bears really wave goodbye?


  3. Cluny Macpherson. says:

    Yip they did saying sorry we didn’t give you a bite goodbye! Hope Rod and Jo are now safe.


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