Base Camp

The weather has deteriorated to the extent that Tangent Expeditions have advised our intrepid explorers that they cannot collect them at their proposed finish point on the route.

When they travel alone (sans pesky sergeant major expedition guide) they fortunately have the freedom to change their plans on the fly. So our explorers have elected to make their present position their base camp.


They will then set off every day with a picnic blanket, tea, biscuits, safety gear and the trusty rifle to seek out and explore remote valleys and mountain ranges. Not too sure about a picnic in these frigid temperatures! That said, our intrepid explorers are finally enjoying themselves and surely that is what this is all about.

Rod said that their “stumps have now become wings and they are soaring”. I for one am pleased that they are able to finally take in the beauty of the terrain. I expect Mrs Callum  will be taking breathtaking photographs.

Hans Glacier 2

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2 Responses to Base Camp

  1. Don says:

    I hope they’re getting regular weather reports…


  2. Cobus says:

    Enjoy the picnic!!


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