Gordon Butchers penned the following poem in reference to Greenland:

   “Freezing winds
A harsh terrain,
Of icy glaciers
And tundra plain,

With thick pack ice
And drifting snow,
Where northern lights
In darkness glow.

A home for reindeer
And arctic hares,
Arctic fox
And polar bears.”

I have just received word that they are presently at Lat: +71.182883 Lon: -022.026933 (Altitude 728 feet).

They celebrated Jo’s birthday and Rod – ever the romantic had hauled her gift along with his gear as well as two dinkies of suitable plonk (not dissimilar to Pomeroy’s Claret). He had to warm up the frozen bottles to allow the wine to defrost (he said that the temperatures were well below -40C taking into account the wind chill factor). Rod sang happy birthday to Jo in what can only be described as a voice that sounds like John Cameron Fogarty on his gruffest day! Coincidentally, the weather prevented them from setting off so Jo was able to spend the day recuperating, quaffing some plonk and nibbling on chicken korma expedition food.

I asked Rod to describe the environment. He responded by describing the area as “desolate and unforgiving”. They press on and we shall continue to mark their progress. Stay tuned ….

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