Bad to the Bone



With the growl of George Thorogood and the Destroyers: Bad to the Bone cast as background music, at least in my mind, the Callums  broke camp and moved on into the snowy abyss, hauling their gear.


There is no respite from the weather, in fact it gets more brutal. Jo gave the following report:

Extreme cold inhibiting progress. This morning tried breaking camp. -26C with 15    knot wind. The wind chill effectively meant that the temp. was -35C with the wind chill factor. Callum lost feeling in left fingers despite thick gloves. Howled like a girl 🙂 Excruciating pain defrosting them.”

In fairness to Callum, the blood is effectively crystallising so the pain is in fact excruciating. Some (read: Brad Conlon) would say worse than child-birth!

How would he defrost his fingers in the middle of the journey? They do break for a hot cuppa at appropriate times. This would allow them to snap a few photographs.

A Cup of Tea

Rod has planned something special (his original idea of reindeer stew was shot down in flames) for Jo’s 50th birthday today (26/03/17). Not many folk can say that they spent their 50th hauling gear across the ice cap! You can send Jo an sms wishing her a special 50th (contact me if you don’t have their satphone number).

Finally, I should mention that the upshot of the extensive snowfall is that they haul their gear and plough through the snow like an old school farmer ploughing his field! Rod may have another career as a plougher of fields!

Calf Deep Snow

Why would they do this you may ask. Well the short answer is that they are bad to the bone!

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3 Responses to Bad to the Bone

  1. Don says:

    They do it “because it’s there”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cluny Macpherson. says:

    Please let us have the sat phone number.


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