Tough Sledding

Our intrepid explorers spent a few days acclimitising to the weather. Rod described it as bitterly cold. He bought a beer to celebrate Jo’s birthday and it is frozen solid. He also had to effect some running repairs to their stoves but eventually they were in a position to set off.

Now that sounds easy enough, but it is worth reminding you that they are on skis and they are hauling their own kit.


The thick snow (much thicker than the above photo which simply shows the manner in which one hauls the gear) has limited their progress. They managed 5kms in 4 hours!

Rod reported as follows: “No respite from the cold. More thick snow. Camped in starkly beautiful valley on a frozen lake, many metres below thick snow. Hard cold day!”

Wildman Rod

They take precautions when they set up camp by erecting the outer peremiter polar bear alarm system. They also position their skis et al in an upright position to ensure that they can be located in the morning!



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5 Responses to Tough Sledding

  1. Don says:

    Please tell us what that thing is on your head…


  2. Cobus says:

    Must say it look like fun❄️


  3. lfish64 says:

    You are very brave to adventure in the cold. I enjoy hot and humid a lot more than the cold.


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