Constable Point

The Callums arrived to glorious blue skies (not a cloud in the sky) and a balmy -21C! I thought I would give you a perspective of Constable Point which really operates as a base camp of sorts for expeditions to Greenland.

They will then receive their logistical support in Greenland from Tangent Expeditions, who are very experienced at running these Greenland expeditions. Crucially, they will receive the compulsory rifle and ammunition which is required to ward off any over enthusiastic polar bears!

Believe it or not, Constable Point has its own Hilton Hotel!

The Hilton

If you focus in on the sign, you will note that it is rated as -1 star! That seems appropriate if you have to dig your way to the reception!

Perhaps a last moment of relative comfort before heading out to the icy wilderness …


The Callums will be taken by snowmobiles out across Hurry Fjord to the starting point for the crossing of Liverpool Land.

The satellite photo of the area for 21 March 2017 reveals extensive snow

Aqua Danish Satellite Photo 21.03.2017

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