Iceland to Greenland

Rod and Jo departed London’s Gatwick Airport bound for Reykjavik aboard IcelandAir


They landed at Reykjavik (Keflavik Airport) and almost immediately had to dash to the departure gate for their connecting flight to Akureyri aboard an Air Iceland Dash8-Q400.

They duly arrived at Akureyri at 17h30 (local time) on Sunday and then had to make their way to their hotel.  It turned out that they had been booked into the annexe which suited the Callums just fine. This proved to be their first taste of the colder climate!

They had to walk about a kilometre in order to forage for food!  This, I think, will undoubtedly prove to be a sensible transition to life in the unforgiving world of Greenland (except there the polar bears are the ones foraging for food).

They were at least able to take in some of the beauty of Iceland.

Akureyi View

Monday soon arrived and it was suddenly upon them like the ground rush referred to by those who parachute!

They loaded up their kit and gear, wearing as much as they could bear as the airline does not count the gear that passengers wear. Unfortunately, they were hit with a hefty bill for their luggage as it was significantly in excess of the weight limit.

They set off for Constable Point aboard a Norlandair Beechcraft King Air 200 to be greeted by this sight …

Constable Point Airport

I should mention that this is a photo taken from their last trip. Tangent Expeditions have advised them that this area has recently experienced the most snow fall in the last 30 years.

They will set off – weather permitting – tomorrow via snowmobiles to their starting point for the crossing of Liverpool Land.

I will continue to update their progress upon receipt of messages from their satphone.

Please continue to check in for updates on the progress of our polar explorers.



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2 Responses to Iceland to Greenland

  1. Don says:

    Same luxurious accommodations as the last trek…?


    • rjcallum says:

      Indeed Don. More of the same! I will post more photos tomorrow which will include a beautiful pic of the local Hilton Hotel!!


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