Reflections Part 1

It is an appropriate time to reflect on the expedition and Rod and Jo have furnished me with a collage of photos depicting their trip. Their last trip left no time at all to take in the beauty of Greenland as it was literally a race across the ice cap.

On this occasion, they were determined to take in the experience rather than slog through the trip like a Comrades Marathon runner. They had their trusty Olympus camera equipment and they took the opportunity to record some of their experiences. This is part 1 of a two part series:

Drop Off

This was the drop off by Tangent Expeditions. I imagine they told Rod and Jo: “You’re on your own mate!”  Blue skies promised so much and the preliminary weather report suggested that they had been blessed with fair weather for their trip.

Ready, Steady, Go

Our intrepid explorers commence their journey.

A Cup of Tea

All life’s greatest quests are contemplated over a cup of tea.

Jo Belaying a Line

Jo getting ready to belay Rod crossing a crack or a fault line (depending upon whom you speak to) on the crevasse.

Polar Bear Perimeter Protection

Setting up tent and the polar bear perimeter warning system. In this environment, the polar bears hunt you for days and the Greenland Shark sees the polar bear as a delicacy. Consequently, Tangent insist on arming their clients with a rifle and some hot lead! Just for protection, you know.

Calf Deep Snow

I know I reported that the snow was thigh deep but we are talking about Callum here and his calves are like air-brakes! Nevertheless it was tough going, slogging through this as they made their way to the Hans Glacier.

I pause to mention some of the comments made on Facebook by some of Rod’s colleagues:

Some say he rode a polar bear wearing nothing but his undergarments whilst settling heads of argument. All we know is that he is known as Great Man Rod”

Some say that he wanted to sleep in Greenland with the tent down so he could see the stars and he once put factor 50 suntan lotion on a polar bear’s nose. All we know is that he is called Great Man Rod.”


So the Hans Glacier beckoned and off they trudged with blue skies above and virgin snow under their skis!

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2 Responses to Reflections Part 1

  1. Don O'Connor says:

    Rod would only ride a polar bear au natural!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Meg says:

    When do we get part 2?


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