Final Camp

It seems as though the Callums are not the only expedition team that needs assistance. There has been a slight change in plan. The skidoos will collect them tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Rod and Jo have sought shelter by nestling themselves in the lee of a koppie (for non-South African readers that would be akin to a small hill). Heavy winds have been forecast so they have even utilised their ice axes to secure their tent. The weather this evening is balmy (whatever that may mean in such extreme conditions).

Fortunately, they retain their sense of humour! Rod just messaged me to advise that Jo has rummaged up some fine dining in the form of brie on crackers as an appetizer with savoury beef and rice for mains. Jo has also prepared Rod some black tea, as a treat.

Their position is Lat: +70.667150 Lon -022.319100 at an altitude of +134 feet (which means that they have made their way down the glacier to a point near the designated rendezvous).

I have sent them a message just to let them know that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

We will update the blog tomorrow once we have confirmation that they have been collected by the skidoos.

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