Deep Snow Blues

The Callums have almost reached the top of the Hans Glacier. As at 09h03 UTC today they were positioned as follows: Lat +70.679550 Lon -022.109900 at an altitude of +2007 feet.

You can view their position at

They have reported that the snow is still “insanely deep” with their skis sinking thigh deep into the snow, which has resulted in them struggling through 2km in 5 hours!

They do not see the snow conditions improving during the course of their expedition, however one would presume that it will prove to be somewhat easier after they have reached the top of the glacier.

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2 Responses to Deep Snow Blues

  1. Don O'Connor says:

    Doesn’t everybody wish for deep powder…?

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  2. Gill Bellengere says:

    I had a surprise satellite phone call from Jo yesterday approx 11.0am tosay they had reached the top of Hans Glacier. They are both well but tired, I think. They are shortening their planned route due to the deep snow and heading down another valley (not the Nokkedal valley)Lovely to hear her voice.


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