The Hans Glacier

Hans Glacier 2

Our intrepid explorers slogged through Sunday in what was described as thick, thigh-deep snow. Rod advised that they made 5km in 4 hours.

They reached the base of the Hans Glacier (Lat: +70.670949, Lon: -022.262983, Altitude at +193 feet) and commenced the task of climbing the glacier (see photo above) whilst still pulling their sleds and kit. A backbreaking task in such difficult snow conditions.

Little doubt they will employ a healthy dose of South African vasbyt!

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3 Responses to The Hans Glacier

  1. Don O'Connor says:

    A fine and pleasant misery…

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  2. Leslie Conlon says:

    Recommended, to put you in the picture, here’s a link to take a look at Rod and Jo’s 2012 Greenland trip. They both feature in the first 4 mins of the video. Click on the video on the left with the skis in the sunset.


    • David Saks says:

      I am familiar with that video. It certainly shows the conditions in Greenland, however they have embarked upon a different trip this time following a completely different route, as a consequence of which I have steered clear of putting up any photos or videos of that last trip. The link does, however, lead you to Tangent Expeditions, who are the organisers of these expeditions.


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