Day 1: Nok Valley

The Callums of Greenland set off from Constable Point and were dropped off at the foot of the Nok Valley. Armed with all manner of equipment they headed up the valley.

Rod advised that the recent snowfall resulted in them having to trek with their sleds across very soft snow. He described it as feeling as if they were pulling a car and bemoaned the fact that they only made 4km in 3 hours.

They have made a start, however, and the weather prognosis is good for the next 9 days, so they will forge ahead and make best use of the conditions.


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4 Responses to Day 1: Nok Valley

  1. mary and alf fernandes says:

    Hope its going well with you guys. thanks for keeping us updated. Hope you are coping with the load, the ice and the cold. lots of love to you both … the fernandes on this side of the world


  2. Cobus steyl says:

    Well done Judge and Jo, keep on moving!! Please send some picture!! It is nice and hot in Durban …on our way to Mozambique!! But will check in on you site!’ Good luck hope all go well!!
    Cobus Kelley and the Kids


  3. Don O'Connor says:

    If you haven’t tried it, don’t Nok it.


  4. Leslie Conlon says:

    Received an sms yesterday that they are at the base of Hans glacier. Going by the weather reports on YR they are having good weather and it sounds like they’re making good progress. Does anyone know how to track them? Good going guys, keep it up. Send pics. Love to both of you, Brad Les and Jethro.


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